Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster
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Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster
Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster
Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster
Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster
Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster

Blasterbo™ M416 Blaster


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Are you looking for an awesome blaster that will make your outdoor battles even more exciting?

Look no further than the M416 Blaster! This powerhouse of a blaster is made from durable plastic, and can be used in both electric and manual mode. With a shooting range of up to 10m and bullets made of 7-8mm water gel, you'll have no trouble taking out your opponents. It also features both a magazine and a bullet drum, making reloading a breeze. Plus, it's 92cm in length, so you'll be able to carry it with ease.


🔫 Magazine and bullet drum: Reloading is a breeze with both a magazine and a bullet drum.

🔫 Durable plastic: The M416 Blaster is made of durable plastic, so you know it'll last. 🔫 Electric and manual modes: You can switch between electric and manual modes with ease.

🔫 Shooting range: The M416 Blaster has an impressive shooting range of up to 10m. 🔫 Water gel bullets: The M416 Blaster uses 7-8mm water gel bullets, making it safe and fun to use.


- Material: Plastic

- Mode: Electric and manual

- Shooting range: 10m

- Bullet: 7-8mm water gel

- Size: 92cm in length


1. Load the M416 Blaster with 7-8mm water gel bullets.

2. Choose your desired mode (electric or manual).

3. Aim the blaster at your target.

4. Pull the trigger to fire.


Q: Is the M416 Blaster safe?

A: Yes, the M416 Blaster is safe as it uses 7-8mm water gel bullets.


Q: How long is the M416 Blaster?

A: The M416 Blaster is 92cm in length.


Q: Does the M416 Blaster come with a box?

A: No, the M416 Blaster does not come with a box.

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